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Data cannot be found (MySQL) in PHP

Data cannot be found (MySQL) in PHP

Contoh kasus ada masalah seperti ini :

Query: SELECT d.departemen, d.nama, d.keterangan, d.ts, tb.replid FROM datava d LEFT JOIN tahunbuku tb on d.departemen = tb.departemen WHERE d.replid = '15'
ErrNo: 3477
Error: Data cannot be found 
Solusi :

$sqldep = "SELECT nominal, transaksikey, info1, info3 FROM deposit WHERE replid='$iddeposit'";
$resultdep = QueryDb($sqldep);
if (is_null($resultdep)) {
} else {
	while($rowdep = mysql_fetch_array($resultdep)) {
		$deposit = $rowdep[0];
		$transaksikey = $rowdep[1];
		$idva = $rowdep[2];
		$sisadep = $rowdep[3];
		$selisih = $deposit - $sisadep;
Sekian dan terima kasih. Haha
Data cannot be found (MySQL) in PHP

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